A fully sustainable model with clean water at its core

Island ecosystems are fragile. Opening up an island to tourist travel could extract a heavy toll on the environment.

One of Banwa’s key projects for Mararison is providing fresh, clean drinking water for the island’s residents and visitors. Banwa plans to set up a water desalination plant on the island to provide clean water without further taxing the island’s freshwater resources.

At present, the islanders still need to purchase expensive fresh water from the mainland for their needs. Transport to the island is labor-intensive, costly yet necessary particularly during the summer months when supply from the rainwater catchment runs low.

Over 20,000 residents in island communities to gain access to digital financial services

Island communities across the Philippines are set to receive access to financial services and renewable energy as Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation’s (RCBC) DiskarTech and One Renewable Energy (OREEi) seal a partnership that is estimated to benefit over 20,000 Filipinos residing in these communities.

One of these communities is Mararison Island, off the municipality of Culasi in Antique which, through OREEi’s initiatives in partnership with the Asian Development Bank and the local government, now enjoys 24/7 access to electricity from their previous 4 hours a day. The partnership is expected to open economic and social development opportunities for Mararison and all other islands.

“This partnership is part of our mission to promote inclusive digital finance to our unbanked and underserved kababayans. Serving the OREEi communities and widening the reach of Diskartech will help us in achieving this objective,” said Lito Villanueva, RCBC’s executive vice president and chief innovation and inclusion officer.