Sustainable Future In Sight: Mararison Island Launches Hub for Essential Services

One Renewable has successfully launched the Mararison Island Solar-Powered Water Desalination and Communication Hub.

The Hub, housed in a new building within the island’s main area, offers a number of services seen to contribute to the island’s sustainable development.

The services include internet access, MWELL tele-health consulting, on-island sale of Powerload prepaid electricity through the Posible.Net gateway, and the online booking of Mararison homestays. The hub also offers fresh, clean drinking water so the island’s residents will no longer have to commute to the mainland for their daily supply.

Access to renewable power, potable water and the internet can help transform Mararison Island into a climate resilient community with a diversified economy, food security, as well as connected and well informed residents.

The event was graced by the presence of SP Sueki Palacios, SB Peter Rivera, Vice Mayor Wakoy Xavier of Culasi, Antique who expressed support for replication of the project to Batbatan and Maniguin, Culasi.

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